Why not spend a quality day Carp Fishing at the lake being watched by a flock of New Lodge Farm sheep!


             Superb Quality Carp Fishing in a Tranquil Setting 



Lynpool Lake is a man made lake fed by a freshwater stream. The lake was created to power an underground water wheel to provide power for the beautiful Laxton Hall. Remnants of the underground wheel can still be seen.


The lake being fed from a spring means the fish remain in perfect condition 

It is noted in the area  as a venue for  being a very good Carp water 


Fish from platforms for Carp, Barbel and other species.

(an average bag of 70-100lbs  with fish being hard fighters !)


The Lake is 3/4 mile from the campsite site so a short car journey is needed.  There is a designated car park for safe parking and to get your tackle close to the water


Normal fishing rules apply.


Day tickets are available at reception priced at just £7.  


"Use light tactics hemp and halibut ground bait with a halibut pellet tight to the island .... a  real quality venue" ....... Mr Chambers